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GRADE 3 PREMIUM Horticultural Vermiculite is a premium semi fine/medium grade vermiculite suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Seed-raising - covering seeds with light weight substrate to provide coverage and retain moisture at surface.
  • Improving potting mediums - reduces specific density of a range of potting mixes by providing improved porosity.
  • Increasing nutrient retention - provides improved nutrient holding (cation exchange) capacity.
  • Other applications - important component in substrates used for growing orchids & mushrooms and is also used for the storage of bulbs.


Covering seeds with a light sprinkle of GP Horticultural Vermiculite (especially fine seeds requiring sowing depths of less than 3mm) can assist in improving germination rates by maintaining appropriate seed strata-zone moisture levels. GP Horticultural Vermiculite is particularly effective in improving germination rates of seed varieties requiring light to germinate; common varieties include Gerbera, Gloxinia, Lisianthus and Petunia seeds.

Directions for use: Following the sowing of seeds (depth will vary according to seed variety), spread the GP Horticultural Vermiculite evenly over the seed-raising mix. 

Application rate: As a general rule, 30 - 100ml of GP Horticultural Vermiculite should be used cover a standard (350 x 295mm) seedling tray.

GP Horticultural Vermiculite is a professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry in Australia.


Advantages of GP Horticultural Vermiculite

  • Uniform size & grade, neutral pH, sterile & non-toxic
  • Improves nutrient holding capacity
  • Improves physical properties of potting media (density & porosity)
  • Improves seed germination rates
  • Reduces water wastage & extends times between watering
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants
  • Safe, reliable & easy to use
  • Premium long life product 
  • Professional grade product used widely by the nursery industry and professional growers



  • Vermiculite is packed in resealable plastic bags
  • Premium “horticultural grade” used by commercial growers

The amount purchased is in litres, please use the below as a reference to understand how much it will be converted into kilos.


100L = 10KG

50L = 5KG

25L= 2.5KG

15L = 1.5KG

10L = 1KG

5L = 500 Grams

1L = 100 Grams

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