Sulfur Dust Powder Pure 99.99% High Quality Sulphur

WEIGHT: 500g
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- 100% Lab Grade Sulfur dust

What does sulfur powder do for plants? Sulfur helps produce necessary enzymes and plant proteins within the plant. Added to the soil, it can decrease the pH and sodium levels. Some plants, like mustard, onion, and garlic, need sulfur to produce flavor. Applied topically, it works as a fungicide and a pesticide.

Sulfur powder is a quick and easy way to amend soil pH and feed this necessary mineral to plants. A soil application will typically keep sulfur levels appropriate for up to a year.

Sulfur powder seems like a magical cure-all for gardening. Its many uses make it a must-have for any gardener. The uses for sulfur powder include:

  • Fertilizer for plants.
  • Reduce sodium content in soil.
  • Fungicide.
  • Acidify the soil.
  • Pesticide.
  • Add flavour to vegetables.

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