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Maifan Stone (Premium Quality Maifanite stone sterile and washed)

A major benefit of maifan stone with its rich clay color and varying sizes, is that it allows you to achieve the highest aesthetic look you might desire for potted indoor babies without breaking the bank since maifan balls last for 1 to 2 years, making it a highly economical and practical option for plant care. Hence, if you intend to transfer a plant or maintain an already long-term plant parent, it will be an opportune time to add maifan balls to your list of plant care essentials including healthy roots and good drainage.

Maifan stone has various purposes such as:

  • Water purification for drinkable water. 
  • Water purification for shrimp propagation in aquaculture.
  • Beverage production, particularly in beer.
  • As food preservative.
  • Agriculture.
  • Succulents
  • Bonsai
  • Cosmetic products.
  • Cooking ware, especially in non-stick frying pans. Proving it is non-toxic and harmless to humans.
  • High Grade

This is the reason why maifan stone would be a great complement to your plant essentials. Maifan is highly porous that allow a great absorption rate for heavy metal ions including lead, calcium, arsenic that are toxic to plants (and sometimes to humans-- like arsenic that is a potent poison). Maifan practically functions as a filter, making water all the more beneficial for your plant babies.

One interesting fact about maifan is that it has become a popular option for a system called aquaponics that involves a system of growing plants in water, used for the cultivation of aquatic organisms.

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