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Akadama soil is a unique type of soil widely used in bonsai cultivation and horticulture. Native to Japan, Akadama is a volcanic clay soil obtained by weathering a specific type of volcanic ash.

A distinctive feature of Akadama soil is its excellent water retention and drainage properties. It has a porous structure that allows for rapid water absorption while preventing water logging, which is key to maintaining a healthy root system. This property makes Akadama soil ideal for plants that require well-balanced moisture levels.

Akadama soil also has good aeration properties, allowing oxygen to reach the roots, promoting root development and overall plant growth. In addition, it has a neutral to slightly acidic pH, making it suitable for a wide range of plants.

Akadama's land uses go beyond bonsai cultivation. It is popular with many avid gardeners for potted plants, succulents and other container gardening applications. The soil's ability to retain water and nutrients makes it particularly beneficial for plants that prefer well-drained soil conditions.

In addition, Akadama soil is often mixed with other growing media such as pumice, lava rock, or organic materials such as compost to create custom soil mixes tailored to specific plant needs. This versatility allows adaptation of water retention and nutrient availability while adapting to a variety of plant species.

Gardeners appreciate Akadama soil for its long-lasting properties. Although it breaks down over time, it retains its structural integrity for several years, reducing the need for frequent soil replacement. This quality makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Overall, Akadama soil's ability to balance water retention, drainage, aeration and neutral pH provides an optimal environment for plant growth and is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

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Michael Jeffries
Great Purchase

This Akadama soil is exactly what I needed for my bonsai. I had difficulty obtaining it elsewhere. The product was delivered very promptly.


The Akadama soil is of a great standard, product arrived on good time and was identical to the advertisement.
I have 4 stars due to the fact that the advertised price was not correct and shortly after purchase I was contacted and informed that I would have to pay more or receive a refund in full for the 5kg amount that I ordered, they did however give me a $5 discount for their mistake.
More attention to detail is required from their marketing team.
Otherwise it was a good transaction.